How Fintechs Must Adapt to Bank Client Changes: A Panel Discussion

S. 1 Ep. 02 - Do you have the plans in place to adapt to your customers' needs?

   Thursday August 20, 2020    12:00 PM ET

Despite a recession that has caused many banks and credit unions to rethink their purchase plans, fintech providers still have sales and retention goals to meet. But how can they engage clients and prospects when so many events have been canceled or are being held virtually?

In this virtual panel discussion, industry leaders from Cornerstone Advisors, William Mills Agency and MX will call on the latest research and from-the-trenches experience to illustrate why fintech providers should be asking themselves three very important questions right now.

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Insights By

Sam Kilmer

Senior Director

Cornerstone Advisors

Kara Parkey

Director, Business Development


Scott Mills


William Mills Agency

Ron Shevlin

Director of Research

Cornerstone Advisors

Brad Smith

Managing Director, Technology Services

Cornerstone Advisors


Topics Include


What are financial institutions buying and how are buyers changing the way they buy?


How must fintech providers change their positioning and messaging in response to changing client needs?


How can fintechs quickly and effectively deepen their financial institution client relationships?