Payments Trends and Fintech Disruptors


Your payments business is under siege from companies such as PayPal, Apple, Amazon, and many fintech disruptors. How do you deal with these risks? What do you need to know? And how do you protect your institution – or leverage the situation for your FI's benefit?

You can’t set a strategy until you know what the playing field looks like and have identified what to avoid!

"Payments Trends and Fintech Disruptors" will give you the lowdown on what will impact your program:

  • What are the market trends?
  • Who are the players in the space?
  • Where should you focus your attention?
  • What pitfalls and "gotchas" must you be aware of?
Webinar Presenter

Tony DeSanctis, Senior Director
Cornerstone Advisors

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Webinar Presenter     
Tony DeSanctis
Senior Director