How to Optimize Your Vendor Contracts and Save Money

Learn more about Cornerstone Advisors, Pennsylvania Bankers Association's newest Select Vendor.

Discover the benefits of working with Cornerstone to create a Contract Negotiation Roadmap and how this tool maximizes your leverage in future negotiations.

We will answer the following questions:
  • Who is Cornerstone Advisors? What is the benefit of engaging a 3rd party for contract negotiations?
  • What tools and experience does Cornerstone have that will benefit your bank?
  • What is a Contract Negotiation Roadmap and how does this differ from a typical vendor management exercise?

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Webinar Presenters
ryan-rackley.jpg  wayne whipple.jpg 
Ryan Rackley
Senior Director
Cornerstone Advisors
Wayne Whipple
VP Business Development
Pennsylvania Bankers Association