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January 20, 2015: Abound Resources' Survey Reveals Community Bank and Small Regional Bank Optimism

Bank consulting firm Abound Resources has published the results of its annual Insights survey of bank executives for 2015. The results indicate that a very large number of CEOs are feeling a lot better about this year than they have in the near past. 

CreditUnionTimes LogoNovember 17, 2014: Wildfire Credit Union Sues Firserv in Core Dispute

 Wildfire Credit Union has sued the Brookfield, Wis.-based financial tech company Fiserv. At issues are claims, promises and performance of Fiserv's flagship DNA core system.     

September 18, 2014: What's the best tech investment?         bank consultant

In this low-rate environment, efficiency seems to be on the agenda of every strategic planning session. Community and small regional bank efficiency ratios are still about 20 points worse than big banks, which means smaller banks pay 20% more to earn every dollar than big banks.

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July 29, 2014: Improving Customer Experience Is Now Bankers' Top Priority: Survey

Though satisfying examiners remains a priority, their decisions about how and where to deploy resources- such as investing in technology- are being mostly driven by the desire to meet customers' changing demands, according to a new survey from the advisory firm KPMG.

Independent Banker

February 6, 2014: Where the Greatest IT Security Concerns Lie and What to Do about Them

Just because community banks may lack the deep pockets of their larger counterparts does not mean they cannot beat back the cyberthreats just as effectively.

American Banker LogoJanuary 30, 2014: Community Banks Opening Up to Closing Branches

As operating costs rise, a growing number of community banks are following the lead of larger rivals by shuttering branches, though analysts hope the pace of closures will accelerate.

American Banker LogoJanuary 28, 2014: Number of Optimistic Small Bank CEOs Doubles: Survey

Many community bankers are said to have gained confidence from the fact that they have made it this far under adverse conditions.

American Banker LogoDecember 17, 2013: Smaller Banks Consider Digital Products to Broaden Reach

As branch traffic declines, community banks are considering how to enter new markets with products such as online and mobile banking.

describe the imageNovember 25, 2013: Top 5 Questions Directors Should Ask Management About Technology Planning

As we have been facilitating strategic planning sessions this Fall, we increasingly hear directors raising questions about their bank’s technology.

Independent Banker LogoOctober 30, 2013: Where Revenue Stands in Mobile's Business Model

Community banks are adopting mobile banking at a rapid pace, but exactly why are they adopting it?

ABA Banking Journal - Ken ProctorOctober 16, 2013: Reach for the Low-Hype Fruit

Mobile, social, big data . . . Before you rush down those paths, make sure tech strategy matches business strategy. Three technologies may make more sense.

Austin Business Journal LogoAugust 20, 2013: Inc. 5000 Features 94 Local Firms

Abound Resources, Inc. featured on the list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

American Banker LogoJuly 25, 2013: Harland Acquisition Furthers D+H's American Dream

Davis and Henderson's planned $1.2 billion acquisition of Harland Financial Solutions will make the Toronto-based company a significant player in the U.S. financial services technology market virtually overnight. But success will hinge on whether it can effectively integrate its existing U.S. assets with Harland's offerings. 

July 25, 2013 What does the D+H Harland Acquisition Mean for Community Banks and CUs?

Learn what the D&H / Harland Financial acquisition means for your community bank or credit union in this article by leading consultant, Brad Smith. 

Credit Union Times LogoJuly 25, 2013: After the Harland Acquisition: What's Next for D+H?

Bill Neville, president of Davis + Henderson’s USA group, has a message about the meaning of the D + H acquisition of Harland Financial Solutions: “For us it is all about revenue. It’s not about cost savings.”

ABA Banking Journal - Ken Proctor

July 12, 2013: Reengineering risk management from the ground up

Part 2 of  a series by Ken Proctor on making risk management work in the real world. 

June 14, 2013: Why risk management & strategic planning must synch

ABA Banking Journal - Ken Proctor

Part 1 of a series by Ken Proctor. I often ask bankers what they see as their bank's greatest risk. Almost universally I hear "regulations and compliance." But over my career, I have learned that the greatest risk is uninformed or poorly informed strategic decision-making. 

American Banker LogoJune 10, 2013: Cost Control Helping Top Performers Bottom Lines

Banks can't cost cut their way to prosperity, though it is certainly a step in the right direction. To achieve greater efficiency, community banks must evaluate everything from branch networks and staffing to smaller items like moving clients to electronic account statements, industry experts say.

May 16, 2013: Manage Risk by Building a Compliance Program with Strong Internal Controls

Credit Union National Association Strategic Services (CSS) A strong compliance program is simply good risk management that protects credit unions against possible fines, penalities and lawsuits. Credit unions spend a great deal of time and money on regulatory compliance, yet still struggle... 

May 8, 2013: Core Battlefield So Far Produces No Clear Victory

Credit Union Times Logo

Somebody is winning. Somebody is losing. Just don’t expect an easy to decipher who will win the battle in this update on the credit union core systems war...

May 7, 2013: Time Management Tips for the Busy Executive

The Network Journal Bank News LogoYou have been hard at work all day. You haven't left your desk since you stepped into the office in the morning. Now it's time to head home, but you haven't accomplished half of what you had planned to do...

April 2, 2013: Banks Likely to Accelerate Bulk Loan Sales

American Banker LogoThere are growing indications that smaller banks are finally willing to aggressively unload problematic assets. Many banks have been reluctant to part with delinquent loans and foreclosures due to concerns about selling assets at steep loses...

April 1, 2013: Attention bankers: Are you at risk for Cybercrime?

WGA InsureBlogCyber breaches for banking institutions have been a significant peril since computers entered the banking sphere a generation ago. Unfortunately, today the threat has been multiplied in complexity and magnitude...

March 20, 2013: Core Systems: The Walking Undead

Credit Union Times LogoCredit union core systems are old, truly antique in computer terms, but they also seem to be immortal in most institutions...

March 11, 2013:  The Core is Dead, Long Live the Core 

Credit Union Times Logo

Here is the paradox about credit union core systems: they are old, truly antique in computer terms, but they also seem to be immortal in most institutions...

March 2013: Don't let Trojans infiltrate customer cash management

ABA Banking Journal Logo

Late on a Friday afternoon, the day after Christmas, a large commercial bank received a file of ACH credits from one of its commercial customers, submitted through the bank’s electronic banking system. The file totaled over $400,000...


Independent Banker LogoFebruary 28, 2013: Six Ways to Improve IT Project Execution and Follow-Through


Just about everyone’s done it—undertaken an IT initiative with soaring hopes only to sputter, stall, fail or never fully deliver on expectations. Unfortunately, as banking operations and IT systems converge, the consequences for faltering IT executions are rising steadily.

February 6, 2013: What Hath Fiserv Wrought?

Credit Union Times LogoThe announcement last month by Fiserv that it would acquire Open Solutions Inc. for roughly $1 billion, most of that in debt assumption, has sent some shivers through the credit union core processing world...

February 2013: What IT Takes. Six Steps to Perform True Strategic IT Planning.

ICBA Independent Community Bankers of America LogoThe notion of community banks performing information-technology strategic planning is a bit like FDIC insurance—everyone’s for it. However, reports from the trenches indicate that perhaps too many community banks aren’t truly living up to the ideal of performing IT planning...

January 28, 2013: Regulations, Rates, and Recovery Dampen CEO Optimism at Credit Unions 

Credit Union Insight LogoEach year we survey credit union CEOs about their outlook for the coming year. CEOs started 2012 with optimism but the mood has turned more pessimistic. Three main areas are causing the grief—the three Rs if you will: regulations, rates, and recovery...

January 23, 2013: Credit Union Execs Show Pessimism

Credit Union Times LogoAn increasing number of executives are pessimistic about the 2013 outlook for their credit unions because of more regulations, low interest rates and a weak economic recovery according to a Web survey of 271 credit union leaders...

January 11, 2013: CSS Provider Study: Reg environment dents CEOs optimism

CUNA Credit Union National Association LogoCredit union CEOs are more pessimistic about 2013 than they were about 2012, largely due to an increasingly difficult and unpredictable regulatory environment according to a survey from Abound Resources, an alliance provider of CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) ...

January 10, 2013: Small Banks Taking Another Swing at Cutting Costs

American Banker LogoCommunity banks are likely to look at trimming more costs in 2013 as investors insist on improved efficiency...

March 2, 2012: Community Banking: can we build a better mousetrap?

ABA Banking Journal6 strategies for community bank success in 2012. Top concerns for community bankers today are the continued weak economy, anemic loan demand, increased regulatory compliance and operational efficiency...

February 2012: Money Pit or Enabler?

ABA Banking JournalSix ways to make technology work for you. the keys: add it to strategic plans, lead on vendors, embrace new ideas, consider outsourcing...

February 2012: Linking the Lending Loop

ICBA Independent Community Bankers of America

From first applications to final closings, some community banks make headway toward a seamless, end-to-end online lending process...


July 10, 2013: Sheshunoff transfers Risk Management Software products to Abound Sheshunoff 

May 10, 2013: Sheshunoff transfers Risk Management Software products to Abound PR Web

January 10, 2013: Credit Union Survey Reveals That Regulations, Rates and Economic Recovery Dampen Optimism PR Web

January 9, 2013: Survey Reveals That Regulations, Rates and Econimic Recovery Dampen Optimism at Community Banks Banknews.com

January 8, 2013: Community Bank Survey Reveals That Regulations, Rates and Economic Recovery Dampen Optimism PR Web

June 8, 2012: Six Ways to Make Technology Work for your CU CUNA Technology Council

March 2012: The Beef is in the Breakouts Banknews.com 

January 24, 2012: CU CEOs cite sales marketing at No.1 priority for 2012 CUNA News Now

December 2011: Efficiency: good for the bottom line  ABA Banking Journal

November 7, 2011: CUNA Strategic Services Expands Alliance with Abound Resources' Risk Management & Compliance Services Missouri CU Association

October 31, 2011: CUNA Strategic Services Expands Alliance with Abound Resources' Risk Management and Compliance Services CUInsight.com

October 30, 2011: Ken Proctor Named Managing Director, Risk Management at Abound Resources DailyFinance.com

August 30, 2011: Ken Proctor Named Managing Director, Risk Management at Abound Resources PRWeb.com

April 2011: New regs demand a checkup for risk ABA Banking Journal

March 15, 2011: CUs Face Compliance Tidal Wave Credit Union Magazine

August 19, 2010: Time a key roadblock to third-party vendor management CUNA News Now

March 1, 2010: Community Banks Make Lemonade American Banker

May 19, 2008: Are You Getting Maximum Value from Your Core System CUNA Technology Council