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2018 Top Priorities for Bank Executives in Lending

Posted by Daryl Jones on Apr 4, 2018 12:53:05 PM

Video Transcript:

Daryl Jones: Cornerstone Advisors here to talk to you about the two top most important topics in lending for 2018 Daryl Jones joined here by Joel Pruis wanted to ask you Joel I guess what are some of the things that you’re seeing in lending that lenders out there should be looking forward to in 2018.

Joel Pruis: Well I think there’s the frontrunners in the commercial side that have actually purchased and are getting ready to go into production on their new lending platforms that’s going to be tremendous opportunity for them to really garner the data that they’re gonna be able to collect, refine the process and even gain a better competitive edge against whatever competition that they’re facing out in the marketplace, second is that they’ve got to start to move away from that dependency on commercial real estate that is drying up they’ve got to move into the C&I space and start driving growth in that segment as well as deposit generation that they’ll get out of small business lending space.

Daryl Jones: Yeah I’ve seen a number of clients that have really started to get into small business lending, another thing I’m seeing is kind of interesting is a lot of the community banks are really starting to heavily invest in you know process these products technology on the consumer lending side as well; really been a lot of diversification and what they’re looking to do and I think that’s probably one of the bigger trends that I’ve seen or would expect going into 2018 the lenders are just having to get more creative with with what they’re doing so as I said you know community banks are looking a lot more consumer that they have in the past mortgage lenders there they’re really kind of hampered with the fact that refi volumes dropping off they’re going to be flat-lined with growth going forward in mortgage lending and purchase volume just really really hard to be able to pull that through so I think that there’s going to be lenders looking
to supplement a lot of that gap that they have on the real estate side with equity loans as well.

Joel Pruis: All right so I think what we’re seeing then for 2018 is we leverage the investment that they make in technology and gather the data from that and that second going into the new areas of growth for them which will be creativity on mortgage lending and the C&I small business space.

Daryl Jones: All right, thank you

Topics: commercial lending, mortgage lending, consumer lending