Information Security Services

Financial institution information security servicesTechnology is advancing at an alarming pace. Your institution is now faced with industry specific threats and breaches as a result of the Zeus, Citadel, and other viruses. Financial regulations are becoming increasingly complex, with regulatory bodies such as FFIEC, NCUA, FDIC, etc. requriing you to document and undergo extensive security testing.

We offer an extensive list of services to help your institution protect your consumer information, exceed financial regulation guidelines, and harness the potential of your existing technology. In addition, Abound completes comprehensive forensic investigations of security breaches.

Our Information Security Services include:

Community Banks

Credit Unions

The effectiveness of any security test or forensic work is based on the skill of the security team performing it. Our security consultants are CISSP, NSA, and OPSA certified, and their understanding of how financial networks and applications transmit customer/member information allows the team to quickly and properly identify risks to the institution.