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Gonzo Straight Talk: Achieving NIE Nirvana in 2021

February 11 | February 18 | February 25
Ryan Rackley
Niel Devasir
Senior Director
Brandi Gregory
Senior Director

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Gonzo Straight Talk: Achieving NIE Nirvana in 2021

Unlocking hidden savings in your technology contracts is a forward-thinking approach to reducing NIE and improving efficiency ratios. Join Cornerstone Advisors for a three-part webinar series focused on the most agile approach to reducing tech spend without compromising tech quality.

Please note that this is exclusively for banks and credit unions.


Negotiating Technology Contracts

Session 1 | February 11 | 11am EDT
  • Best practices that align with results-based outcomes
  • Strategies that maximize negotiation leverage
  • Learn what contemporary FIs are doing to remain relevant and differentiate with their technology – FAST!


Negotiating Contract Renewals

Session 2 | February 18 | 11am EDT
  • The optimal time to begin the process and roles/responsibilities required for success
  • Keeping leverage on your side of the table and how to increase it
  • How to negotiate a real renewal and what to look for when navigating the complex technology ecosphere


Negotiating New Contracts

Session 3 | February 25 | 11am EDT
  • The art of planning
  • The accidental act of overspending and how to avoid it at all costs
  • Hidden landmines that come with negotiating new contracts and how to circumnavigate 



Results-based outcomes


Maximize negotiation leverage


What are other FI's doing


Keep the leverage on your side


Know when to start


Get your questions answered!

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