Strategic Technology Planning

Having a solid strategic technology plan is critical in supporting the success of your bank or credit union's strategic business plan.  

Abound Resources recommends that your IT strategy is updated each time your strategic business plan is updated. Not having both plans in sync more than likely will create significant challenges in achieving you business plans.

Abound Resources has a time proven approach to developing a strategic IT plan that supports your business plan. 

We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of your strategic business plan and then performing a gap analysis against the technology in place. The knowledge gained from this analysis will identify both the short term and long term priorities required to get your IT systems in step with supporting your business strategy. 

Our analysis will also identify areas where your current business process are inefficient and need to be addressed. Many times we find that changing business processes will address inefficiencies without having to purchase new technology.

We have worked with over 500 financial institutions assisting them with their IT strategy and vendor selections. 

Our approach has helped guide our clients to better understand and utilize their current investment in technology and identified where new investments are the most cost effective in helping them to be more competitive.