Fit Analysis

Are you struggling with your core or ancillary system in that you are not getting information out of the system that helps you make strategic, operational or lending decisions?  Is it difficult to view your customers entire relationship and exposure?  Do you feel the system is making you more unproductive and efficiency is lagging?  Additional systems or applications are being used to make up for the lack of functionality in the core application adding to cost and inefficiency.

Not all symptoms lead one to a new core selection project. 

Training, process improvements, use of the applications purchased as well as adding new modules all can help improve functionality and efficiency without incurring an expensive core conversion process. 

Abound Resources’ System Evaluation Services

We’re focused on turning winning strategies into implementable actions that drive results.

Abound Resources provides a structured process to assess your current use of existing technology,  meeting with application users and senior management and, if needed, scripted demos with the current vendor to provide additional insight into the use of the system and additional modules which will ensure the institution's system meets expectations and requirements.

Our goal is to guide your institution so an evaluation of the current system can be conducted in a sanitized environment. 

A conversion is not always in the best interest of the institution or always required.