Contract Review/Negotiations for Core & Ancillary Systems

In today’s competitive environment it is good business to negotiate the business terms and fees of almost every contract you have with your vendors including both new agreements and agreements currently in place. 

Our services are modular and you can select the ones that will provide you the most benefit including:

  • Contract Review – We provide you with recommendations on the most critical business terms and service level agreements to negotiate
  • Contract Negotiation – We negotiate the most critical issues and fees on your behalf and make it a Win/Win situation

We provides these services on a fixed price basis and will guarantee your satisfaction! 

We have assisted hundreds of clients negotiate better contract terms and better fees. We maintain a database of the major vendor’s pricing for the contracts where we have been involved in the negotiations. We know the business terms, service level agreements and fees. 

Our experienced consultants have the knowledge and skills to negotiate contracts that are in your best interest versus the vendor’s best interest.

We also understand that you will be “married” to the selected vendor for a long period of time and that the terms and fees need to be fair for both sides. Getting to a “Win/Win” position is important to having a good long term relationship with your vendors. We have the experience to make this happen!